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Catering Policies


We would prefer to customize each bid for catering so that it is a perfect fit for your occasion.  The bid starts with a base price that includes food, condiments, and beverages only. We will breakdown each detail so that you are aware of all expenses. We would like to respectfully ask for a 72 hour notice when ordering pick or drop off disposable orders.  We would prefer to not do less than 20 guests but check anyway.  You are welcome to pick up any catering under 20 guests.

Events Over 25 Guests

Any event over 25 guests may require hiring one or more servers unless dropped off to you using disposable containers. We will gladly provide you with service staff  to maintain the buffet line and service your guest needs. Service staff is based on a four-hour serve time. Included in our time is an additional hour of set up and an hour of clean up at no additional charge.  Should serve times run longer you will be billed accordingly.  

Serving Dishes, Utensils, & Linens

On our buffet lines, we use nice chafing dishes for the hot foods. Our cold foods are presented in decorative bowls that are nicely garnished. We use baskets and cloth napkins for miscellaneous items such as rolls, silverware and condiments.

Any rentals of linens, china, glassware, flatware, equipment, etc. can be ordered through us and will be at the client’s expense. We will gladly help you decide what your specific needs are and prepare an estimated quote on those needs. Client is responsible for any rentals damaged by guests.

Guest Count

The number of guests you guarantee are the number of guests we prepare for. Your guest count guarantee is a 100% guarantee. If your guest count is under, you still pay the full guarantee. If the guest count is over your guarantee, you may pay the overages. Overages to be determined by an actual head count and/or a plate count at the event by our on site manager. We ask you to give us your guest count guarantee fourteen (14) days prior to the event. You may increase this count up to 1 week prior to the event, but you cannot decrease it, as our preparation has already begun.

When we are on location to serve food, we usually carry more than we expect to serve (running out is a traumatic experience). Also included are portions for our staff who may or may not consume them at the close of the event.

While maintaining the proper food temperature our holding times are extended. Due to this factor, in cooperation with the Oklahoma City County Health Department, we will not release our extra foods to you or your guests. Regarding other issues please refer to our Leftover Food Waiver.

Full Service Meals and Buffets

Any full service buffets will have a 15-20% service added. This is provided so you and your guests get the full service and attention expected and deserved. This includes the removal of plates and utensils as well as refilling beverages.  Sunday Evenings are subject to a minimum fee if under 75 guest.

Deposits and Payments

Running Wild Catering requires a deposit of 1/3 of the total amount due to reserve the date of your event. The balance is due 14 days prior to the event unless other arrangements have been made ( given in fact of a school or state agency with a purchase order) . Cancellations of confirmed events sixty (180) days prior to the event are subject to a cancellation fee. This fee is no less than 20% of the proposed cost of the event and no greater than the total of actual costs incurred in the preparation of the event.

Taxes & Gratuities

All pricing of food and beverage is subject to current sales taxes. Sales tax rate is to be determined by the city, county and state rates for the location we deliver to. A Service Charge of 15-20% will be added to all full service setup events.

Our professional staff is eager to customize a menu to fit your occasion.       
We also welcome your suggestions and comments. 
It is our sincere desire to make you and your guests completely 
satisfied with any catering from our company.

Running Wild Catering Company