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Box Lunches for All Occasions

Let us get creative and build you a box to fit your special event. Pricing will be according to ingredients in the box.

Basic Lunch Box
Full Sandwich of Choice, One Side or Cookie

Premium Box
Sandwich of Choice, One Side and a Light Dessert

Ultimate Box Lunch
Sandwich of Choice, One Side, Chips, and a Light Dessert

Entree Salad Box Lunch
Any of our Entree Salads individually packaged. Includes Bread and Dessert

Breakfast Boxes
Continental Style, Breakfast Sandwiches w/Fruit, Breakfast Burritos w/Salsa and Fruit.

Snack Box
Let us create a Snack Box for you. Pretzels, Nuts, Chips, Candies, etc.

Charcuterie Box
We can create a Charcuterie Board in a Box. All the classic items like Cheeses, Salami’s, Nuts, Dried Fruit, Honey, Crostini, Crackers, Olives.

Vegetarian Box
These are created using Fresh and/or Lightly Grilled Veggies, Cheeses, Nuts, Dried Fruit, Fresh Fruit, etc.